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Tallpack International –packaging solutions along the entire food supply chain

When it comes to transport packaging solutions, maintenance and service along the entire food supply chain, over the past few years, Tallpack Int. has proven itself as one of the top Suppliers.  

Being able to give good advice requires a profound knowledge of the packaging industry and this is what Tallpack does daily.

Tallpack International FSC® certification (EN)

Tallpack Int. is FSC® certified for the trade and processing of paper, cardboard and packaging paper. This makes us part of the Chain of Custody. Hubert H. Verheul, director of Tallpack Int, is extremely proud of this result: “To be sure that paper & cardboard with the FSC® quality mark actually comes from a responsibly managed forest, all links in the chain must be certified. With our certification, the chain is complete. As a result, the transport packaging for our customers immediately gains green added value for the end users ”.

A real team result where everyone within Tallpack Int. made an important contribution.

Endupack builds new factory

Since mid-2018, Endupack, as part of the Tallgroup, has been strengthening, and both parties have further developed the long relationship into a close cooperation. Due to the success of the product in the market and the increasing demand for products for pallet stability, the construction of a new factory in France is necessary.

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Modulair industrial packaging line 100% DUTCH MADE

The Tallwrapper 2202 modular packaging line is completely Dutch-made. Here in the Netherlands, at our production location, we can make flexible and customer-specific adjustments quickly.

Measures Tallpack International regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our policy is aimed at limiting the number of contact moments as much as possible with the aim of preventing us from getting it within our organization and from spreading it further out from our organization.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now also developed rapidly in European countries. This is also the case in the countries where Tallpack International (the Netherlands, Belgium and Bulgaria) has its offices.

Tallpack International continuously monitors the development of the Coronavirus and has a Continuity Plan available to respond to various scenarios.  

Canceling planned maintenance work at locations in the Benelux:
As a result, we have had to decide to cancel all service activities at the customer location in the Benelux until Monday, April 06. The follow-up of malfunctions will take place, provided that there are sufficient hygiene measures at the location of third parties, in accordance with the RIVM guidelines. taken.  

Tallpack International does not expect any problems for the delivery of packaging materials, packaging machines & consumables. We monitor these processes on a daily basis and we have ample stock in our main warehouse in Geldermalsen (the Netherlands) and in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). In the longer term, we cannot fully oversee the supply of packaging machines and hand equipment, as components also come from outside Europe. If you want to purchase equipment, please take this into account.  

In addition, we have taken additional measures:
• In all offices, the frequency of cleaning has been increased and extra hygiene measures have been taken
• Colleagues work from home as much as possible
• For the time being, we travel no longer between our offices
• All forms of consultation, both internal and external, have been paused
• Participation in external events, meetings, conferences, congresses, training courses and training with external parties has been paused
• Our office in Geldermalsen (the Netherlands) and in Oevel Westerloo (Belgium) is closed for visitors

We have also asked all our colleagues to only plan external visits to customer locations in consultation with the customer and to arrange appointments by telephone or video conference as much as possible, so that physical visits are kept to a minimum. Subject to further measures from the government or extension of deadlines, we can reschedule the postponed activities and visits after consultation on 6 April. We will contact you about this.

We wish you and your organization every health.

Hubert H. Verheul

CEO Tallgroup

Internal pallet transport for pallets with glass bottles

At a manufacturer of glass bottles, internal transport is literally and figuratively focused. Stacked block pallets with glass bottles with plastic inserts are moved from the stacking position to the shrink-wrap packaging line over a distance of approximately 20 meters.

For this special internal transport, Tallpack International has realized crossovers with pallet transport tracks (such as chain rollers) and a lift. 

Grip Fix® anti-slip product provides optimum pallet stabilization and protects the environment

The solution for maximum pallet stability is the use of Grip Fix® anti-slip agent. Grip Fix® anti-slip agent is a thickened liquid produced on a water basis and free from chemical solvents. The thickened liquid can not only be used on paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also on boxes and trays.

BAG FIX ESP combi1







Our Industrial Packaging solutions offer you the possibility to make your own choices with regard to your environmental footprint.

With our packaging materials "Tallstretch film", "Tallstrap strapping band" and "Grip Sheets" you can accelerate your sustainability, without compromising on pallet stability.

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Modulair pallet-wrapping lines for providers of logistic services

Recently a logistics service provider in Fast Moving Consumer Products has opted for several options for the modular pallet winding line: extended column height, increased capacity of pallets per hour, increased web transport speed, slide under cut-seal unit in connection with various pallet widths and execution in corporate style colors.

We have supplied the modular pallet winding line customer with multiple logistic service providers through options, including additional transport tracks and a label printer. The modular pallet winding line is interesting for almost every autonomous packaging process.

The advantage of a modular line is that it can grow with the logistical wishes and capacity. Logistical processes are highly subject to change due to, for example, WMS systems, changes in the chain process and capacity planning. Our modular pallet winding lines can be expanded or adapted to new situations in the logistics process if desired.

The dense Tallpack network of modular pallet winding lines in the BeNeLux has the advantage that it is easy to plan to see this modular pallet winding line in practice.

  20200116 Foto modulaire pallet wikkellijn copy