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Easy Palletising

Knowledge of robot programming or the use of robot programmers is a thing of the past with the Easy Palletizer from Tallpack International.

A palletizer robot is intended for palletizing goods on pallets. Palletizing is done using a set pattern in which the different layers are configured.

Unique application

With the Easy Palletising software developed by Tallpack International, Operators can independently enter new patterns by Touchscreen or tablet (Android & iOs), at this way the palletizer robot is a flexible part of your production process in a very simple way.

Creating a stacking pattern is based on entering pallet dimensions, product dimensions of boxes / bagged goods and whether or not to insert an insert sheet. By using a simple selection menu, the operator can compile this and save the program.

The advantages of the Easy Palletiser

  • Everything is programmed in your own programming language and according to your wishes  
  • Flexibility, add your own new program on the touchscreen or tablet. No robot programmer or third party required  
  • Plug and play  
  • No communication between different controls (fewer errors)  
  • Simple human-machine interface

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