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Maintenance training

Service en onderhoud maintenance trainingTallpack International designs and supplies equipment and software. This means our in-house trained service team possesses all required knowledge and solutions. Tallpack International will give your personnel all knowledge they need about the installed project. During implementation, operators will be trained to operate the equipment and to detect, analyse and effectively resolve problems.  

Thorough training and coaching provides knowledge and insight into various parts of a project. This could involve specific components in operating systems, or parts of the machine itself. Tallpack International possesses all required documents and know-how, which means all questions can be answered immediately in detail.  

Depending on the size of the project, training for maintenance personnel can be divided into three levels:  

  • Basic principles of the project
  • Advanced knowledge, skills and posture
  • Highest level of knowledge and skills  

This makes it possible to adjust training to suit the specific needs of maintenance personnel. This approach will help to significantly improve the effectiveness of training.

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